About me

Besitzerin Sara in der Werkstatt beim Balance Board bauen

Hi, I'm Sara, 31 years old and the founder of The Boho Boards.
Since 2011 I have been working professionally in the craft and also in my private life I find great pleasure in working with crafts.
With The Boho Boards I took the step into self-employment and I would like to share this joy with you.
The Boho-Boards was founded by me in April 2020 and is a young company. The focus is on the production of balance boards.
I am responsible for design development, production in a small North Frisian workshop, sales of the online shop in Hamburg and shippingand can therefore guarantee good quality and a long product life. This creates personal contact with my customers and that is something very special for me!
All products are carefully handcrafted from high-quality materials. So every product is unique.

Who brings nature into my workshop?

The balance boards are made of birch wood. I get this from the specialist shop I trust, HBK Dethleffsen.

Due to the 10 layers glued against each other, a particularly high stability is created. The outer layers have an even, smooth surface and a natural wood look. The role, which is tailored to the board, is made of 100% cork and is manufactured by Kork Handel and sustainably in Portugal (EU). As far as possible, the sorting and packaging of their products takes place in a socially oriented company for the integration of job seekers and people with disabilities based in Germany.

The cork roller is designed for high loads and, thanks to the cork surface, offers optimal grip, a secure hold and a pleasant, quiet driving experience.

environmental friendliness


The ecological footprint of The Boho-Boards is very important to me. That's why I attach great importance to sustainability and environmental friendliness.

The wood, which is a natural and recyclable raw material, comes from sustainable and regional forestry. The wood sealing and the wood coatings have been awarded a Blue Angel seal. The seal guarantees that the products meet high standards in terms of environmental, health and functional properties. The Balance Board roll is made of 100% cork. The entire cultivation, harvesting and processing of the raw materials in Portugal are completely based on ecological and sustainable aspects and are controlled by certified bodies. The cardboard boxes and all packaging material come from CO2-neutral production and are free of plastic.

If you have any questions, please send me an email to:
I wish you lots of fun shopping.
Until next time.
The Boho-Boards