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Since wood is a naturally grown raw material, knots or grains are different, each product is unique and may differ slightly from the product images.


What do I need such a balance board for?

The balance exercises strengthen your entire body
Deep muscles, concentration, fine motor skills, balance and yours
Coordination. You stay fit in other fun sports such as surfing,
Snowboard, SUP or skate and can react faster. In addition
you can protect yourself from injuries and your body feeling
improved. The best part is that it\'s fun and you can train anytime at home or on the go.


What is the difference between Boho, Tiny and Wave Board?

The biggest difference is in the look and size.
Boho Board is the longest board at 80cm. The wave board with 67.5 cm
is in the middle and the Tiny Board with 62cm is the smallest. je
the smaller the board, the more dynamic the "riding". The Tiny Board
and the Wave Board are also very handy due to their size
wonderful for on the go. In addition, they are due to their lower weight
better suited for tricks. The boho board offers through the large
footprint a safe driving experience and is therefore particularly good for
Suitable for beginners. All boards are for beginners as well as for
suitable for advanced users.

How many kilos can the boards withstand?

The boards can be loaded up to 120kg.


Does every board have a role?

Yes, each board comes with a wheel that is adjusted to the size of the board.


What is the role?

The wheel matched to the board consists of 100%
environmentally friendly cork and is designed for high loads. the
Cork surface offers optimal grip, a secure hold and a
pleasant, quiet driving experience.


Do I need a mat?

It is best to use the balance board with the mat. the
protects the soil and ensures even more driving pleasure. A thin yoga mat
can also help.


Who is part of The Boho Boards team?

I\'m Sara, 30 years old and the founder of The Boho-Boards. the
Boho-Boards was founded by me in April 2020 and is a young one
Company. The focus is on creating balance
boards. I am responsible for design development and production on my own
in a small North Frisian workshop, the distribution of the online shop
in Hamburg, is responsible for shipping and can therefore make a good one
Guarantee quality and a long product life. It arises from this
personal contact with my customers and that is for me
something very special!


Where are the boards produced?

All balance boards are made in a small workshop in
Nordfriesland (Schleswig-Holstein) manufactured by Sara. In every board
there is a lot of manual work.


Where does the wood for the boards come from?

I source the wood for the products from more sustainable sources
Forestry from the regional biological building trade mine
Trust, HBK Dethleffsen.


Does environmental friendliness play a role?

The ecological footprint is very important to me. The products
and their packaging consists exclusively of environmentally friendly
materials and are free of plastics. Except for the wood, which
is a natural and recyclable raw material, I also use others
Materials. The wood sealing and the wood varnishes are with a
Awarded the Blue Angel seal. The seal guarantees that the
Products high demands on environmental, health and
fulfill usage properties.


Are the balance boards also suitable for beginners?

All boards are for beginners as well as for
suitable for advanced users. The curved side line of the boards leads
to a stable width and thus to a secure base. je
smaller the area, the more dynamic and demanding it is


Are the balance boards suitable for children?

Yes, balance boards are a great option for kids already
develop a very good sense of balance early on. the balance
Boards from The Boho Boards are recommended for children aged six and over,
However, there is no general formula for this, here it is decisive
more of a sense of security. Through the different
Size versions, the boards can be easily adapted to the size of the
adapt to each child. The boho board with 80cm is well suited for
medium-sized children and adolescents. Are the children a little smaller?
the Wave Board and the Tiny Board fit better, which are one size in between
have 62-67.5cm. For the very small kids, feel free to call me
Contact me and I will build one especially for small children on request
developed balance board.


Can I take the board outside or into the water?

All products are double-sided with an environmentally friendly
treated with wood sealing. This will cause warping of the wood
avoided, created a weatherproof surface and so the
increased longevity. Thus, the board is also good for outdoor use
suitable. It should then be wiped off with a dry cloth
will. A lot of water and moisture can damage the paint and the wood
still damage and swell, so it is not to
recommend taking the board into the water or lying outside too


Where are the boards shipped to?

Shipping is possible within the EU and to Switzerland.
If your country is not listed in the checkout, please contact me
gladly by


With which service provider are the orders shipped?

Packages are sent with DHL. Shipping to private addresses and packing stations is possible.

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